About Sōshin Tea

The refined practise of preparing and drinking tea links back to a tradition wherein ‘being in the moment’ lies at the heart of the activity. In studying the art of tea for many years I have learned the value and goodness inherent in this practice. The range of fine quality tea offered on our site is a unique selection sourced from their place of origin to reflect an authentic experience. I am always pleased to hear from those who have tried our tea express amazement at the exquisite nature and totally fixating 'umami' flavour experience. And then there are the physical and mind enhancing effects. Each person however will find their own with these teas. I hope Sōshin Tea can open the Way to you and instil a sense of well-being and inner peace.

Hojicha Premium Roasted Green Tea

Meticulously Roasted for a Smooth, Lifted Aroma